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A sea the color of lead, a sky the color of smoke

This is the detritus of Edwin Watkeys, philosopher of computational aesthetics and Lisp programmer. The most memorable thing he's written is probably, “Why Java (and almost every other programming language) sucks”, which is actually more about why Lisp is the One True Programming Language than why Java sucks. More recently, he wrote some Christmas Eve Clojure macros, more an idle, lonely rumination on the power of wishful thinking than something worthy of your attention. Wishful thinking, by the way, is among the programmer's most powerful tools.

Edwin also occasionally writes things at Bits, Books, and Bikes and does things on Twitter as @edw. The latter consists almost entirely of half-funny snarking, precious photos that belong to Instagram in its hipster phase–before the adolescent takeover–as well as out of context quotes that sometimes lack quotation marks and are sometimes edited well beyond their original meaning.

He writes a lot of code, most of it behind closed doors at ActionX, where he is C.T.O. He does have some repos on GitHub and, more randomly, code on GitHub Gist and the Reference Heap, but that material is nearly devoid of context, which renders them a school of bottled messages undulating in the waves.

To Edwin, the function is the highest possible form of art. Its subject matter is pure idea, its form is a poem, the shape of its evaluation a landscape. No medium invites active contemplation by its creator-reader as does the function.

This is your only opportunity to read him referring to himself in the third person.