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A sea the color of lead, a sky the color of smoke

My name’s Edwin Watkeys. I'm what happens when you expose a kid born in 1973 to too many viewings of Wargames and Empire Strikes Back, a subscription to Smithsonian magazine, a pellet gun, and an Apple II+ along with copies of The Apple II Technical Reference Manual and Beneath Apple DOS and then several years later send him off to college where he reads too much Camus and Nietzsche and takes too many art history and aesthetics and philosophy courses before dropping out to join the internet startup circus. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

The most important lesson I've ever learned about creating things is this: Wishful thinking is our most powerful tool. Wishful thinking followed by lots and lots of hard work.

I've been doing start-ups since 1994, when I was the first technical hire at Infonautics, a company that built a pre-consumer-internet K-12 educational research product. Subsequently I held technology and product positions at CDnow, Half.com, and Intuit. I also founded and ran a successful boutique consulting company in Philly. And was a fixie-riding freelance philosopher living above a cigarette distributor for a couple of years.

Since '12 I've been in NYC and working with some of my former CDnow colleagues–and a bunch of fresh faces–at ActionX, a mobile advertising start-up that was purchased by Xaxis in spring, 2015. I'm the CTO and still maintain a hands-on-role building systems in both the Unix and Lisp traditions while helping others fall in love with programming.

Some words I've written

Some code I've written